Trinity Energy: Fueling African Energy Security Through Dynamic Solutions

Trinity Energy.

However, with demand for refined white oil products in the region far outstripping production and supply – the country relies predominantly on refined product imports to sustain its economy – Trinity Energy aims to reverse this trend, with construction of the company’s Paluoch refinery well underway to which the company has signed an offtake agreement with Ethiopia.

The stabilization of refined product supply has been aided by the company’s established logistical structures, including a storage depot, which supports the ability to inject regular volumes of refined products into the domestic market. By expanding its storage facilities further, Trinity aims to supply neighboring countries including Ethiopia, the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Improving the Retail Landscape

The continuous supply of refined products in the market has enabled approximately 100 retail service stations that were closed – largely due to fuel shortages – to reopen from May 2018, thereby creating significant and sustainable employment opportunities for local South Sudanese people. As the company expands further, Trinity Energy is looking at enhancing its retail network through the construction and acquisition of an additional 100 retail stations in South Sudan within the next four years.

Driven by its drive to expand into more markets and as a key proponent of intra-African trade, the company is seeking opportunities in the East, Central and South African markets. Currently, Trinity Energy has a footprint in South Sudan, Kenya, Dubai, and more recently, the DRC. However, beyond this, Trinity Energy is pursuing expansion opportunities into Malawi, Somaliland and Uganda.

Diversifying into the Renewable Energy Space

As a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, Trinity Energy has adopted a precautionary approach to social, economic and environmental challenges and recognizes its obligation to expanding access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy. In this regard, Trinity Energy has invested in sustainable and renewable energy infrastructure and environmentally responsible product offerings.

Currently, the company is constructing a 5MW power plant in Wau, South Sudan. By upgrading and rehabilitating the Wau solar project, the power plant will be serving a dual purpose of increasing generation capacity while making the switch to clean energy. This power plant will be the first in Wau and will offer the community a reliable source of power to support economic growth.

Further, as part of their sustainability initiatives, Trinity Energy’s social programs have been focused on initiatives that specifically seek to empower the communities in South Sudan through their three key pillars; Youth and Women Empowerment, Health and Environmental Sustainability and Agriculture and Food Security. By working with smallholder farmers and providing value addition through agro-processing to drive financial empowerment, Trinity Energy believes that South Sudan can feed its people and the region at large.

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Onur Yilmaz

Onur Yilmaz

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