Third Global Black Impact Summit to Take Place in Dubai

Global Black Impact Summit

Now in its third edition, the Global Black Impact Summit has quickly risen to become a highly influential event. Powered by the Black Impact Foundation, the 2023 edition is organized by Africa-based event organizer Energy Capital & Power and serves to create a space where black voices are heard, black excellence is celebrated and black empowerment fostered.

Founded in 2021, the Black Impact Foundation has made sure on its promise to create a cohesive black community where people across the globe are empowered to take control and improve the quality of their lives. The organization itself represents a solid pillar and catalyst for the empowerment, building up an inclusive and equal society, and through its annual summit, continues to create better opportunities for the black community.  

For its part, the summit has emerged as a critical platform for promoting economic power, social justice, equity and inclusivity. Stepping into this picture, the Global Black Impact Summit serves to empower black people to take control of their lives, advocate for their rights and pursue their goals. Centered around education, leadership development, entrepreneurship and civic engagement, as well as health, wellness, financial literacy, investment, youth and women empowerment, the summit aims to address systemic barriers and celebrate success, providing a space for black people to connect, support each other and work towards common goals.

Last year, the summit took place under the theme, ‘The Power of Black Women to Unite and Build our Global Community,’ and saw attendance by global leaders, celebrities, international organizations, chief diversity officers, global brands, investors and banks, government officials’, students, innovators and more. The summit strove to generate awareness of power; improve social and economic well-being; using the power of sports and entertainment to unite people and develop and invest in black entrepreneurship.

This year’s edition of the Global Black Impact Summit 2023 promises to be even bigger,better and more impactful than before, leveraging the success of the previous two editions to provide another transformational event. Building on and promoting the power that black people hold, the summit will strengthen the global community network, identifying and sharing best practices, generating new ideas and innovations while expanding education and business opportunities.

Last year, speakers to the likes of Queen Diambi, HRH of the Democratic Republic of Congo; Black Impact Foundation Chairman Clarence Seedorf; Hon. Mia Mottley, Prime Minister of Barbados; Kojo Annan, Entrepreneur and Investor; Charles Smith, Founder & CEO of Urban Icon Global Development; Alycia Powell, Co-founder & CEO, Champions for Philanthropy; Patrice Evra, Former Manchester United and France National Team Captain and many more drove discussions, workshops and engagement. This year, a strong slate of speakers from across the world will participate, consolidating the event’s position as a globally-leading empowerment summit.

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Onur Yilmaz

Onur Yilmaz