Tatneft Resumes Exploratory Drilling in Libya

Image: Bloomberg.com

Russian oil company Tatneft has resumed drilling operations at the B-82 well in the Hamada area in Libya. With exploratory drilling having been suspended for ten years due to political risks, the resumption marks a significant step for the country’s oil sector and the move towards accelerated economic growth.

Against a backdrop of renewed political stability and enhanced security measures, Tatneft has made the decision to resume its exploration program. Under an exploration and production sharing agreement, Tatneft is currently drilling in the Hamada area of the Ghadames Basin in Libya.

Before the operational suspension, the company drilled approximately 3,900 feet of the total targeted 8,700 feet. Expected to take 45 days to complete, the drilling campaign represents a critical step in the country’s journey to expand exploration and enhance production.

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Charné Hundermark

Charné Hundermark

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