Sierra Leone’s Petroleum Directorate to Speak at Angola Oil & Gas 2022

Sierra Leone. Petroleum

For its part, Sierra Leone’s Petroleum Directorate operates under the mandate to unlock the full potential of its national hydrocarbon resources, regulating the exploration and production of affordable, reliable and cleaner energy across Sierra Leone. Oil and gas exploration in the country began nearly four decades ago, with the drilling of two wildcat exploration wells. While exploration was put on pause around 2015/2016, the West African nation launched its fifth petroleum licensing round last May, with a view to bringing in new investors to explore and develop its frontier acreage.

In his keynote address, the Petroleum Directorate’s Director General is expected to address the country’s untapped petroleum resources, the potential for knowledge sharing and technology transfer with mature producers like Angola, and the role of regional cooperation within the African energy sector, among other key topics.

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Onur Yilmaz

Onur Yilmaz

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