Senegal Commissions Sendou Coal-Fired Power Project

The Sendou coal-fired power plant has officially begun commercial operations, delivering power to Senegal’s national grid after its recent re-commissioning. A joint venture between Barak Fund Management, the Senegalese government and state-owned power utility Senelec, the power plant is expected to meet domestic demand while reducing the reliance on fuel oil.

The 125MW power project represents the largest power plant in Senegal as well as the lowest cost provider of power. As the country moves away from heavy fuel oil, power generated at the Sendou project will be critical. According to Senelec CEO Papa Madembe Biteye, “Sendou is a critical national asset for Senegal. It shows that by bringing the right mix of skills, capital investment and project management together, we can deliver high value projects that benefit our country and our economy.” 

Meanwhile, with Senegal pursuing a transition towards a clean energy future, a third-party strategic partner will help convert the power plant to a gas-fired power facility in the future. As Senegal monetizes its significant natural gas resources through projects such as the Grand Tortue Ahmeyim project, the power plant will be instrumental in future gas-to-power solutions for the country.

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Charné Hundermark

Charné Hundermark

Charné Hundermark is the Deputy Editor at Energy Capital & Power. She holds a Higher Certification in Professional Photography and an Honours degree in Media Theory and Practice. She is also currently completing her Masters in Media Studies.

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