Kush Bank Inks Second SSOP 2022 Deal with Orus Consulting

Kush Bank

Aimed at improving investment across multiple sectors in South Sudan as well as regional markets, the deal will see both Kush Bank and Orus Consulting expand current efforts to provide and promote investment in the country, while encouraging other private and indigenous companies to seize opportunities across the emerging market.

“We have just signed a deal to cooperate and promote investment in South Sudan, regional and international markets. The biggest thing we have as indigenous companies, both Kush Bank and Orus Consulting are indigenous companies, is that we don’t promote the energy sector in South Sudan. So, we are going to work together to promote opportunities in the energy, agriculture and telecommunications sectors,” Akol Dok told the Energy Capital & Power team. 

For Kush Bank, the MoU demonstrates the financial institution’s efforts to improve financing across multiple sectors in South Sudan, while for Orus Consulting, signals a new era of investment commitments on the back of private sector collaboration.

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Onur Yilmaz

Onur Yilmaz

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