Gabon Begins Construction of Hybrid Power Plant

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Construction of Gabon’s Ndjolé solar-diesel hybrid power project, which is being built by Ausar Energy, is underway. The project is being developed and financed by the Deposit and Consignment Fund (CDC) of Gabon.

The project includes the construction of 1,445 solar panels and solar inverters that will be connected to three 100kW inverters, installed with millimeter precision on the basis of a GPS map on stimulated steel piles.

“The CDC owns and finances the plant. It has concluded a lease-purchase contract for the solar power plant with Energy and Water Company of Gabon (SEEG), which will run and maintain it for a period of 15 years,” said the CDC’s Director of Energy, Edgard Moukoumbi.

The solar power energy generated will be sent through a medium voltage line to the transformer station and then to the national grid another 500m using seven poles. Around 400 kWp of electricity will be generated throughout the network and a diesel generator will power the solar photovoltaic factory. The transformer station is going to be supplied with electricity through a medium-voltage line of 500m. The new facility will be delivered by March 2020.

The Ndjolé power station is one of many hybrid projects that the CDC is building Gabon, there are plans to have a total of eight power plants constructed in Gabon.

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Shuaib Van Der Schyff

Shuaib Van Der Schyff

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