French Firm Tysilio to Build Containerized Solar System in Senegal

Solar energy solutions provider Tysilio will build a containerized solar system with battery storage in a community agricultural estate in Sédhiou, Senegal, following the signing of a partnership agreement with the country’s National Program for Community Agricultural Estates.

The Tysilio Solar Station represents a modular solution aimed at providing clean and reliable electricity to rural communities, and is estimated to be able to produce 32.8 MWh per year. In addition to reducing local farmers’ reliance on high-polluting generators, the solar plant will reduce operating and maintenance costs associated with the generators by up to 10 million CFA Francs (approximately $17,870).

The scope of the project comprises the construction of a 32-kWp solar plant connected to inverters and batteries installed in a container, and is set to be operated by local farmers for at least 25 years. The system will also be able to store 60 kWh of power, enabling the local community to access electricity after sundown or during inclement weather.

According to a statement from Tysilio: “The solar energy is generated by the photovoltaic plant. An intelligent controller ensures, by coordinating and optimizing all the equipment, that the different energy sources provide electricity safely and appropriately. The battery increases the autonomy, independence and reliability of the site.”

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Jasser Hammami

Jasser Hammami

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