Eco Atlantic Rig Bound for South Africa

Eco Atlantic. oil rig. Bigstock

With Eco Atlantic targeting a 300-million-barrel light oil resource in Block 2B, the start of drilling will enable the rapid discovery and accelerated development of the well.

The announcement comes at a time when South Africa is aggressively pursuing alternative energy resources to address its ongoing electricity crisis and fuel price hikes. With the development of potential oil and gas in-country, South Africa will open up critical job opportunities, reduce oil imports and drive socio-economic growth.  

Despite community and environmental opposition to exploration activities offshore South Africa, with activists citing environmental and consultation concerns, frontier explores remain committed to unlocking the potential of the country’s offshore basins. In addition to Eco Atlantic’s drilling campaign, geoscience data company, Searcher Seismic, has applied for authorization to continue its planned 3D seismic survey offshore South Africa.

Eco Atlantic’s exploration right is currently in its third stage of renewal, with the drilling complying with the exploration work program associated with the stage.

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Onur Yilmaz

Onur Yilmaz

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