Completion of Access Road to New Luanda International Airport Due for October

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Announced by Angola’s Minister of Public Works, Urbanization and Housing, H.E. Carlos dos Santos, on 17 June, the infrastructure project is intended to offer direct access to the airport while connecting the country’s National Highways 230 (EN-230) and 100 (EN-100), and the Avenida Fidel de Castro and Avenida Pedro de Castro Van-dúnem.

“These works will effectively improve access to the new Luanda International Airport, whether by road or rail,” H.E. Minister dos Santos stated.

It was noted that several bays have been constructed along the EN-230 to reduce congestion, while improvements to the pavement, drainage systems, and public lighting are being made to the EN-230 and Avenida Fidel de Castro Road systems, which are currently in the final phase.

The Minister indicated that, by 2024, two alternative routes will be constructed to connect the region’s Zango District to the new international airport, with connections being made to connect the satellite city to the EN-230 expressway.

Meanwhile, Angola’s Minister of Transport, H.E. Ricardo D’Abreu, stressed that construction of the access road will be completed ahead of the international airport’s inauguration, which is due to take place by December 2023. “The Angolan Executive will make available to passengers a world-class, modern, technologically advanced infrastructure, with a process of digitization of the civil aviation system in terms of all services, both for professionals and for navigation aids and aeronautics,” H.E. Minister D’Abreu stated.

The announcement comes as Angola’s President, H.E. João Lourenço, made a site visit to the new Dr. António Agostinho International Airport – named for Angola’s first president – on 17 June. Boasting a total area of 75km2, the new international airport will feature two double runways, sized to receive Boeing-747 and Airbus-A380 aircrafts, as well as complimentary structures including a hotel, shops and services, hangars, restaurants, and offices.

Poised to foster greater tourism and business opportunities, development of a new international airport in Luanda showcases the Angolan Government’s commitment towards modernizing its infrastructure while promoting economic diversification.

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Onur Yilmaz

Onur Yilmaz