Azule Energy CEO, Adriano Mongini to Discuss Angolan Exploration at AOG 2022

Azule Energy

As the first CEO of Azule Energy, the participation of Mongini at AOG 2022 will enable the company to provide insight into Azule Energy’s developmental agenda in 2022 and beyond as well as its contribution to Angola’s oil and gas industry expansion as the country seeks to maximize resource exploitation for energy security and economic growth.

With Angola fast-tracking the development of recent discoveries and intensifying exploration to expand its reserves and output while boosting midstream and downstream activities as well as renewable installation for diversification and reliability, Azule Energy will play an important role in the country’s energy future with the firm targeting to boost production to 250,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day; increasing investments in refinery projects over the next five years while accelerating liquefied natural gas and renewables development.

An engineer by profession with over 32 years of experience in the engineering and oil and gas industry, Mongini’s experience in a variety of managerial roles at Eni make him the ideal speaker to drive AOG 2022 discussions on the challenges and opportunities faced within Angola’s expanding upstream market.

Under the theme, ‘Promoting an Inclusive, Attractive and Innovative Oil and Gas Industry in Angola,’ AOG 2022 will host Mongini is high-level panel discussions, one-one-meetings, exclusive networking sessions and various forums where the executive will discuss industry trends around local content and capacity building while engaging in discussions and signing new deals and partnership arrangements.  

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