AOG 2022 to Showcase Angola’s Vast Opportunities for Oil and Gas Service Providers

Whilst factors such as deprived infrastructure, inadequate technology and limited investment have disrupted Angola’s oil and gas industry, the services sector has played a crucial role in changing the southern African country’s hydrocarbon landscape. As a result of the competitiveness and innovative approaches of oil and gas services companies – including Saipem, Certex Angola, TechnipFMC, Sonangol Integrated Logistic Services, CABSHIP and ChampionX – present in the Angolan market, Angola has become Africa’s biggest crude oil producer and an attractive energy investment destination.

And now, with Angola seeking to maximize the exploitation of its vast, untapped oil and gas reserves for energy security and to drive economic expansion – by launching a series of exploration activities and mid-stream and downstream infrastructure rollout whilst accelerating the development of new discoveries including TotalEnergies’ Cameia – Golfinho, CLOV 3 and Chissonga, bp’s Palas, Astrea and Juno (PAJ), Eni’s Agogo, Ndungu FFD and Quiluma/ Maboqueiro, and Chevron’s Sanha Lean Gas – the services sector is vital, expected to play a crucial role and bursting with opportunities.

Saipem’s win of a $900 million contract from Angola’s New Gas Consortium for the development of the Quiluma and Maboqueiro gas fields and the Angola Liquefied Natural Gas project; TechnipFMC’s selection by TotalEnergies for the construction of CLOV 3 and the continued expansion of local firms such as Certex Angola is a huge testimony of the massive opportunities across the Angolan oil and gas market.

AOG 2022, as the official platform where Angola’s entire oil and gas value chain is discussed – including opportunities present, challenges and best practices to address industry disruptions – represents the best platform for both existing firms to launch their services further and for new entrants to kickstart market footprint.

Now in its third edition, AOG 2022 is the ideal place for service providers to network with future partners as well as discuss, negotiate and sign deals that will enable revamping, modernization and the liberalization of the Angolan oil and gas sector to enable the country to achieve fuel self-sufficiency, become a regional energy powerhouse and driver of socioeconomic developments whilst contributing to global energy security.

Are you a service provider seeking to invest and expand alongside some of the world’s largest oil and gas players including TotalEnergies, ExxonMobil, Chevron and bp? Get unrivalled access to Angola’s key oil and gas industry’s decision makers at AOG 2022.

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Onur Yilmaz

Onur Yilmaz

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