AOG 2022 to Promote Opportunities for Women in Oil and Gas Industry

While women continue to be underrepresented across the oil and gas industry, AOG 2022, as the official platform where Angola’s entire oil and gas ecosystem is discussed and optimized, will unite women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and those working in the energy sector to learn, share, connect and participate in conversations around best practices to energize equality across the industry and unlock the full potential of the country’s estimated 9 billion barrels of proven crude oil and 11 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves.

Now in its third edition, AOG 2022 will showcase the important role being played by women leaders in driving Angola’s upstream, midstream and downstream infrastructure developments.

AOG 2022 will also highlight various private and public sector programs underway to enhance gender inclusivity in Angola’s oil and gas sector to ensure women are represented across the country’s entire hydrocarbon value chain and that they have a voice in the development and exploitation of energy resources.

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Onur Yilmaz

Onur Yilmaz

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