Angola: Cabinda Gas Manufacturing Facility Reopens

Image: Rádio Campanário

Sonangol has re-launched its gas manufacturing facility in Cabinda – tripling its gas refilling capacity from 3000 12kg gas bottles per day to 9000 12kg gas bottles per day.

Located in the recently revamped oceanic terminal in Cabinda, Sonangol’s gas manufacturing facility is also equipped with an increased storage capacity of 224 cubic meters, which Sonangol claims will significantly increase gas availability up to 26%.

“Sonangol’s regeneration program is not only about making lean operations and focusing on our core businesses, but it’s also about taking energy to Angolan homes in a safe manner and ensure a constant, uninterrupted supply. With this gas manufacturing facility, we want to cement our focus of taking clean gas to families and businesses in Cabinda and neighboring regions,” said Jose Barroso, Secretary of State for Oil and Gas, at the inauguration of the manufacturing facility.

According to Marco Nhunga, Cabinda governor, the manufacturing facility will foster socio-economic growth in Cabinda through job creation and skills development.

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Zenildo dos Santos

Zenildo dos Santos

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