Scaling Energy Opportunities in Africa’s New Frontiers

Scaling Energy Opportunities in Africa’s New Frontiers

Returning for its third edition under the theme, ‘Scaling Energy Opportunities in Africa’s New Frontiers’, this year’s edition of the MSGBC Oil, Gas & Power 2023 Conference and Exhibition will take place in Mauritania’s capital city of Nouakchott from November 21-22, reaffirming the West African country’s position as a regional hub for oil, gas, renewables, and green hydrogen.


Under the patronage of H.E. Mohamed Ould Cheik Ghazouani, President of the Republic of Mauritania, and in partnership with the Ministry of Petroleum, Energy and Mines; the Société Mauritanienne des Hydrocarbures et de Patrimoine Minier; Petrosen; COS Petrogaz; and the African Energy Chamber.


2023 is set to be a pivotal year for the entire MSGBC region. As regional actors celebrate first oil and gas and as West Africa solidifies its emerging role as a key player in low-carbon energy solutions, Mauritania – and the MSGBC region as a whole – stands to capitalize on the opportunity to finance and develop new large-scale energy developments while implementing frameworks and policies that will serve to facilitate intra-African trade and integration.


Serving as the only event dedicated to energy development in Mauritania, Senegal, The Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, and Guinea-Conakry, MSGBC 2023 will unite industry leaders, policymakers, engineers, and experts to discuss the unique role of gas in the energy transition. Other topics of discussion will include how green hydrogen can enable a synergy between mining and sustainable energy and how the milestone of first oil and gas in 2023 is set to not only diversify the economy and develop its power sector. Furthermore, the event will trigger newfound development across multiple economic sectors in the region, all on the back of heightened investment made possible through the region’s highly competitive and ever-attractive business environment.


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During the 2023 edition of the MSGBC Oil, Gas & Power 2023 Conference and Exhibition, speakers and delegates will connect with partners, gain knowledge, exchange ideas, develop strategies, and benefit from critical insight offered by some of the continent’s leading energy experts and policymakers. MSGBC 2023 will serve to demonstrate the commitment by International Oil Companies to the region while driving socioeconomic development and showcasing opportunities for investors to participate in one of the world’s most lucrative energy markets.

WHY Participate?

The conference serves as the only regionally-focused event to discuss what happens after first hydrocarbon production. MSGBC 2023 will also explore what impacts and benefits this will have for the region as a whole.

The Energy-Economy Nexus

In-depth conversations and investor summits will highlight how energy sector developments are set to translate into opportunities for a variety of industries across the wider economy. Mining, industry, agriculture, and many more topics will encompass key areas of debate.

Securing New Finance

The 2023 edition will showcase practical solutions to securing finance, with live interviews and financial summits making a strong case for MSGBC-directed capital commitments in 2023 and beyond.

Unrivalled Access

MSGBC 2023 represents the only event dedicated to the entire MSGBC region’s energy value chain, thus offering unparalleled opportunities for stakeholders to advance their regional growth agendas.

First Hydrocarbon Production ​

With first oil and gas due to come into production in 2023, opportunities for long-term and sustainable socioeconomic development in the region are expansive. The conference will explore what happens next, how to maintain a positive growth trajectory, and how the region can capitalize on the opportunities presented to secure new finance. For its part, MSGBC 2023 will serve as the premier platform to showcase and promote the basin as a leader in West Africa’s hydrocarbon market, all the while investigating how the region can capitalize on its burgeoning hydrocarbons sector in a responsible, sustainable, and socially and environmentally sound manner. First hydrocarbon production signals new opportunities for development across multiple sectors in the region on the back of energy security and self-sufficiency. Therefore, MSGBC 2023 will investigate how to mature the basin further, how the state can attract new investment, and the evolving role of the region in the wider African context.

Low-Carbon Opportunities ​

The region’s attractiveness as an investment destination, however, goes beyond hydrocarbons, with opportunities opening across the wider green energy landscape. Adapting to the global market in the wake of the energy transition, Mauritania and surrounding countries have reformed their growth agenda towards innovative strategies in the development of the region’s solar, wind, gas, and hydrocarbon resources. With a special focus on the energy transition, MSGBC 2023 will be the leading platform to showcase and promote the latest investment opportunities in the region, demonstrating West Africa’s unparalleled potential through its first-rate gas monetization prospects; large-scale green hydrogen projects; and opportunities across the solar, wind, and hydropower markets.

A Globally Competitive Business Market

Supporting the region’s impressive energy resource play is the ongoing drive by the respective governments of the MSGBC region to create both an attractive and globally competitive regulatory and legal environment. Such efforts will serve to pave the way for an influx of international player participation and intra-African collaboration. Prioritizing ease of doing business, the region has made a strong case for investment, which has led to several large-scale developments taking off. In 2023, with an even more ambitious growth agenda, the MSGBC region’s supportive policies are set to trigger newfound growth across the market, and MSGBC 2023 will help connect potential players to upcoming opportunities.

Discussion Points

Discussion Points

  • Maintaining the MSGBC growth trajectory following first hydrocarbon production.
  • Scaling investment opportunities in Africa’s new energy frontier and the role of the state.
  • The MSGBC local content drive and empowering future generations.
  • Hybrid power generation as the solution to energy poverty alleviation.
  • Triggering multi-sector development on the back of energy revenue.
  • Digitalization and the new era of sustainable E&P growth.
  • How to establish the MSGBC region as a global energy hub.
  • Unlocking the true potential of the MSGBC economy; practical solutions to capital raising.
  • The MSGBC growth agenda in light of the global energy crisis.
  • Maximizing production with minimal emissions; strategies and technologies.
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From natural gas megaprojects to large-scale hydrogen production, the MSGBC basin is pioneering sustainable, integrated energy growth on the continent and globally. From now until 2030, several projects are set to come online, aimed at kickstarting industrialization, raising electrification rates, and diversifying national economies through the emergence of agriculture, mining, and infrastructure sectors.

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